A model of tolerance and diversity, the truly international city of Amsterdam welcomes everyone with her uniquely laid back charm. She’s a romantic place of cozy cafes and restaurants, where you can stroll through narrow cobblestone alleys and along miles of picturesque canals.

But she has her seedy side as well. Sex and soft drugs are both sold here openly and legally… and you need not leave the tourist path to flirt with the working girls framed in glowing red… or to catch the wafting fragrance of cannabis burning from dozens of “coffee shops”.

But Amsterdam is more than a destination for sex tourists and “experience” seekers. She is also a place of rich culture and history. Prepare to stand in awe before the works of the Dutch masters and to be humbled and inspired by the life and writings of a young Jewish girl. Not to mention her well-educated, multilingual citizens, who are among the most delightful and engaging people to be found anywhere in the world. Welcome to Amsterdam!





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