Founded in 2008 by my dear friend Mohammed Hassen, Nice World Taekwondo (in Harar, Ethiopia) is a shining example of what is possible in a place where most people are just trying to survive the day. The primary mission of the program is to provide young people with a constructive alternative to Qat addiction, but as you can see below, the program does so much more.

Abiy Alemu (inspiring and dedicated teacher) left, Mohammed Hassen (generous founder and sponsor) right, nineteen of the most disciplined and respectful young people you could ever hope to meet, and Frank (wannabe poser) middle…


The quiet focus and discipline of these young people (boys and girls, Christian and Muslim) were impressive enough…

But seeing and feeling the intensity as they put their skills into practice was one of the most thrilling things I have every witnessed…

[su_youtube url=””%5D

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