Allow me to share four of my favorite Bronze Age stone circles on the Emerald Isle: 1) Beltany near Raphoe, County Donegal, 2) Drombeg near Glandore, County Cork, 3) Uragh near Gleninchaquin Park, County Kerry, 4) Grange near Bruff, County Limerick… each circle an intimate hands-on experience with its own unique charm.

I can’t explain why, but I feel deeply drawn to such ancient places in a way that is nothing short of mystical, inviting one to linger and reflect on one’s existence and how one’s life fits into the eternal sweep of time.

In 2013, I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Tim Casey, farmer, owner of the land, and caretaker of Grange stone circle. We met again the following year, hopefully the start of an annual tradition…

Learn lots more about the history and location of these ancient wonders at Megalithic Ireland!

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