Travel Stories: Joy & Inspiration at the Zagreb Dance Center!

On March 30, 2014 I had the genuine privilege of being more than a tourist in Zagreb, Croatia, thanks to my new friend, Vesna Mačković, who invited me to a very special workshop at the Zagreb Dance Center. After a moment’s hesitation, and with a mix of curiosity and a bit of nerves, I accepted her invitation, not knowing at all what to expect.  And I am so glad that I did, as you will soon discover (Please take a moment to open the gallery as a slide show and read the captions)…

About Frank J Peter

A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!
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3 Responses to Travel Stories: Joy & Inspiration at the Zagreb Dance Center!

  1. DAS_70 says:

    You’re an inspiration.. I don’t know how you became the person you are, and that’s rhetorical, but I’m glad you’re sharing the journey.

    Sincerely moved.


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    • Your most generous words of appreciation leave me absolutely speechless with gratitude, Deb! Knowing that such a rare soul as you exists gives me hope in a world where there are so many reasons to do otherwise up. All the best to you, my dear!


      • DAS_70 says:

        Another good quote: “Don’t let the bastard’s get to ya.” – My grandfather :))

        Pros and cons in everything – think of how small the world has become due to the internet – we’re connecting with people (and causes) we would normally not encounter, so we have an opportunity to make a difference. And the best way to feel fulfilled is to help others – especially those who need our help.

        I think you already may know that, tho’. So, emotions and hard times are like the weather – the bad soon passes, and another season commences. So, hang in there, and do what’s needed – good exercise, diet, music, laughter, and making a difference. If something’s not working – change it.

        Sometimes we pray for the discipline to do something, not realising that discipline comes from doing that very “something.” You could apply that antidote to many areas of life.

        I sound like a large fortune cookie – War and Peace version!

        I’m currently learning the Taubman approach to piano playing – i’m an adult beginner – and have a previous back injury (only an issue when I do something wrong, and that includes bad technique at the piano!). Takes a lot for me to trust something like this, as there are pros and cons, but what the hey – i’ve been an adult beginner for 2 decades, it’s about time i focused my attention on actually progressing!

        Truth be known, I walked away from it when I became too frustrated at not being able to apply the concept of “relaxation, and no pain”… read many books, watched many vids, etc. etc.,but couldn’t grasp it. So, here’s hoping that will now change. I think I need someone to motivate me – I can’t do it on my own – enter the Taubman teacher.

        Fingers crossed.

        Take care, my friend. x


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