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Mother Ayahuasca: “Trip” Report, Part III (The Setting)

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After a suggested week-long preparation consisting of a restricted diet, abstinence from alcohol, drugs, and sex… and time to reflect upon my intentions… fast forward to a comfortable, well-kept compound in the middle of the rain forest somewhere in Latin America.

Private room, private toilet and shower, wifi, and lots of common space to relax, mingle, or enjoy some quiet time. Healthy, delicious food, yoga sessions, and a top-notch massage included.

Two hosts, male and female: Let’s call them the Curandero and Curandera.

Six participants in all… a young woman in the throes of an unhappy marriage, a lady trying to recover her sense of self after a painful breakup, a young man seeking a meaningful career change, an older gentleman trying to kick a lifetime of hard habits and depression, a middle-aged male who seemed little more than a spoiled-rotten rich kid in man’s body, and me. (Note: I mention all this because it is pertinent to my reflections and recommendations shared in the final posting in the series)

Learn more… Mother Ayahuasca: “Trip” Report, Part IV (The Good Trip)

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