Frank PeterMy name is Frank Peter. I was born in, and still live mostly in, the United States of America, but I consider myself, first and foremost, to be a citizen of the world.

One of my great pleasures and privileges is world-wide adventure travel, which continues to be an indispensable part of my education and means of expression as a human being.

This creative commons website celebrates the deep enjoyment and transformational power of travel in images and words, and is sent as a prayer for global solidarity and peace.

What Travel Means to Me

Travel, done right, is no mere vacation… not an escape from reality. Travel, done right, is reality… a delicious mix of enjoyment, relaxation, challenge, adventure, education, fellowship, and service.


My most precious memories have always involved connecting with and learning from so many interesting and inspiring people along the way.

But travel is not always pleasant. Besides the run-of the-mill hazards of intestinal distress and tourist scams, we travelers often become witnesses to inconceivable suffering and injustice. The reasons not to visit certain places are the very same reasons we must go… at the very least in order to be a witness, but possibly to do some good.

Travel has taught me priceless lessons that I could have learned no other way. I have been humbled time and time again when travel has exposed my ignorance and weaknesses, but I have also grown in conviction and confidence when I discovered my hidden strengths and talents.

About my Photographs

I am not trying to win photography contests. I simply try to the tell story of a place and its creatures as honestly as I can… and allow the images to speak mostly for themselves.

About-My-PhotographsTo that end,  I use a middle of the road point and shoot camera… small and light enough to carry in my pants pocket, functional enough to give me manual control, and easy enough to operate with one hand in most situations.  Like most things in life, this is a trade off.   While I have missed some great shots because the auto focus was too slow, depth of field uncontrolled, or the light sensor not quite sensitive enough, I have gotten some great shots because I was able to unobtrusively photograph as if I was a fly on the wall.

It is important to me to photograph honestly.  I do not employ artificial means to get “the perfect shot”… no stakeouts, no helicopters, no VIP access. All of my photographs could have been take by anyone with a point and shoot camera, two good feet, a smile, and sometimes a wee bit of courage. Furthermore, all my photographs are “natural”: I shoot in ambient light with no filters or clever time exposures, even if this means that the photograph is blurred or less than technically perfect. Once I return home from my travels, I do almost no post-processing.  I crop in order to frame images appropriately or to eliminate superfluous details and I resize the images in order to optimize them for presentation on the web.  But I do have a confession to make: I often need to adjust the brightness as I seem to be a chronic over-exposer!  Finally, I never “photoshop” an image in order to make it “pop”. What you see in the photo is exactly what you would have seen with your own eyes if you were standing there with me.

So, where would you like to go today?  Let’s go!


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