Czech Republic: Brno 10-Z Bunker

A most unique travel experience–sleeping in and exploring the formerly top secret 10-Z Bunker in Brno, Czech Republic.

While the accommodations are a bit spartan and chilly, you’ll enjoy unfettered access to the tunnels and historic artifacts frozen in time exactly as they were when the Iron Curtain fell. Let’s go!

Map Showing Czechoslovakia as CSSR
Map of Brno, not showing secret bunker
1o-Z Tunnel Map
CSSR Shield (Civilni Obrana)
Main Door
Temperature Less than 18 C (and incredibly humid)
Educational Video
Old Uniforms
My Room: B23
Room B23 Cot & Sleeping Bag
Desk, Telephone, Typewriter, Tape Recorder
Weight Scale
Soviet Packaged Food
Telephone Swithboard
Children’s Toy Dolls
Showers (fully functioning for guests)
Plastic People Poster
Nuclear Weapon Test Yields

Swing tanzen verboten (Swing dancing forbidden)
Medical Equipment
Medical Instruments

Gas Masks
Nuclear Fallout Poster
Electric Generator
Execution Room
Dorm Room
vaclav havel
Singed Photo of Vaclav Havel
Gustav Husak, commie bastard
Chemical Laboratory
Chemical Munitions Poster
Old Tunnel, now the breakfast rooom
Telephone & Books
Ivan Lendl on Magazine Cover
Old 45 rpm record


  1. Hi Frank Wow!!!! This journey underground in Czechia! I have to say that I couldn’t do this, I wouldn’t feel comfortable there. But I must say you are a beautiful warrior. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with pictures to me. Love and hugs to you 💝🎶

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