Cambodia: S-21 & The Killing Fields

Paying my respects to the victims of the Khmer Rouge at Tuol Sleng Genocide Memorial Museum and Choeung Ek Memorial…

*** Warning: Extremely Disturbing Images Below ***

S-21, Tuol Sleng Memorial

Portrait of Pol Pot
“The Killing Fields” movie poster
David Lloyd Scott
Leng Thirith

Choeung Ek Memorial

Brother Number One (recommended reading)

For those who’d like to understand how such horrific events happen (Frank bought this book from a young man in the street who recently lost his legs to a land mine).


  1. I couldn’t bring myself to visit the killing fields. but have been to Tuol Seng twice and this museum does affect me deeply.

    The first time I visited was in 2004, which wasn’t too touristy – perhaps it wasn’t on the milk-run back then. The second visit was 10 years later in 2014 and I couldn’t believe how touristy it has become – not great. I can never understand why visitors take selfies in front of exhibits in these types of museums.

      1. I’m usually dragged (exaggerating) around WWI & WWII cemeteries as my partner is a history buff – he knows how to show a girl a good time!
        I’ve witnessed so many disrespectful visitors and can’t imagine what goes through their heads. There was even a photo shoot of Thai local models at the Kanchanaburi War cemetery – bizarre!

        1. Alas, I have also witnessed such disrespectful behavior more than once… and do not hesitate to set these people straight about what such hallowed places are and what they represent. Love your photographs, btw… Exquisite.

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