Beijing: Still Struggling to Find a Title!


Welcome to the first in a series of photographic essays from my educational month-long adventure in the enigmatic country of China in 2013… the fascinating homeland of tea, rice, silk, giant pandas, Confucius, the great wall, the terracotta warriors, and more. We will encounter dozens of curious and delightful people and discover a rich and diverse culture of extremes and contradictions… with more than a few surprises along the way. Welcome to China! First stop: Beijing…

ATMs are readily available and most have an English language option, so getting Yuan (the basic unit of the Chinese currency Renminbi) is no problem.

Don’t drink the water!

Tiananmen Square has more surveillance cameras and microphones than anywhere else in the world. While there, behave yourself and don’t allow your curiosity to overrule your better judgement.

Tourist scams are very common in China, especially in Beijing.

Silk Street market is a a huge tourist trap. Expect to be hounded by dozens of assertive shopkeepers selling cheap knockoffs of anything you want. I am glad I went if nothing more than to say I was there.

Play cards for “small” money is okay, but playing for “big” money is illegal.

Beijing is full of surprises. Just walk the streets and see what you discover!

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