China: Chengdu & Chongqing

No trip to China would be complete without a visit to Chengdu, home of the lovable Pandas…

… and also to nearby Chongqing, former headquarters of the Flying Tigers during the Second World War.

Let’s go!


How cute can you get?

Some well-fed coy!
Millions and millions of prayers.


Chongqing., where tradition and modernity live side by side…
Jaw-dropping engineering projects.
Stroll down bustling Jinli street…
and help crank out rice noodles by the mile!

Some Chinese Medicine. I’ve tried acupuncture twice. Did not work for me.

Thumbs up! A new buddy and a fellowship of toy cars!

Cialis… No prescription required.

Flying Tigers

The Flying Tigers, who helped China fight the Japanese during the Second World War…
are rightfully held in high esteem to this day in a small, but carefully preserved museum.

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