Suzhou: Venice of the Far East!


Famous for its many canals and waterways, Suzhou is often called the Venice of China. in fact, the Grand Canal, which passes through here, stretches over 1100 miles from Beijing to Hangzhou, is the longest man-made waterway in the world .

So, take the fast train from Shanghai and enjoy the many delights Suzhou has to offer:

  1. Get a hands-on tour of the entire silk-production process at “The Number One Silk Factory”.
  2. Cruise the Grand Canal, and maybe even drive the boat!
  3. Watch the diving Cormorants go fishing.
  4. Enjoy an intimate evening of theater and music at the Master of the Nets Garden.
  5. Getting some good luck by grasping the thumb of Wu Zixu.
  6. Share a cup of tea a the Yiyuan Garden (Garden of Happiness).
  7. Ring the giant bell at Lingering Garden.

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