China: A Glimpse at Chinese Television

An informal sampling of television on the Chinese mainland in the summer of 2013…

… a most interesting mix of the predictable and surprising… and all controlled by the central party, of course…

Party loyalty is celebrated every morning at 6:00 am.
Nothing controversial about the weather.
No surprise here.
or here.
Surprise!!! American rodeo!
Some surprisingly moderate political discussion in English…
Thanks to Yao Ming, basketball is hugely popular.
Another cheap knockoff.
The visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to the USA to meet with President Obama was huge news!
Do you notice anything unusual about the stock ticker below? (Hint: Look at the colors.)
Mister Bean!
A celebration of space exploration… Notice the American flag. There is clearly not a wholesale rejection of all things American.
Home invasion of capitalism and materialism…
The personal sacrifice and party loyalty drums beat many times each day.

The state television networks played up a tragic shooting in California…
While ignoring this tragic story that occurred in China (although it was covered by CNN)…

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