Ecuador: Galápagos Islands

Straddling the equator 6oo miles West of the Ecuador mainland, the Galápagos Islands are a naturalist’s candy store, a living laboratory with a collection of flora and fauna unique in all the world…

Welcome to the islands that time forgot…

Galápagos Islands Map
Aerial View of Galápagos Islands
Blue-footed Boobies
Galápagos red crab
Galápagos daisis
Darwin Bay
Pink Flamingos
Floreana Hoax
Tiny, curious Gecko
Giant Tortoise
Galápagos Heron
Galápagos Iguana
Kicker Rock
Giant Tortoise Wannabe!
Galápagos lava tube
Galápagos penguins
Recycling Bins
Palm Trees
Rusted Boat
Resting Seals
Sierra Negra Hike
Popeye Mural
Angelique Art Gallery
Puerto Ayora, Scorpion Fish
Bar de Beto
The Rock
Puerto Ayora Volleyball
Puerto Ayora Resting Seal
Galápagos sunset

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