Ethiopia: Addis Ababa

ethiopian school kids on a field trip

Welcome to Addis Ababa, capital city of Ethiopia and seat of the African Union.

Leave all your first-world expectations at home, prepare for some intestinal distress, and get ready for a host of surprises that will both challenge and delight you.

Let’s go!

Ethiopian Visa

Ethiopian Birr ~ 20 Birr per US Dollar
Seat of the African Union

Bole Avenue

Getting around by minibus is super fun and super cheap.
A short and sweet Amharic lesson.
Security checks, metal detectors, bag inspection, and frisking are commonplace at hotels and marketplaces.

Grocery Store

Only $0.72 total for laundry detergent and a liter of water,


Rolling electrical blackouts are a daily occurrence.

Electrical blackouts are an everyday occurrence that everyone takes in stride.

Itegue Taitu Hotel

Shared Bath and Toilet
… but a liter of grapefruit juice cost around $4.00.

Palm Sunday Celebration

Ethiopian National Museum

Saying hello to Lucy and friends–a homecoming for me, as we ALL have African ancestry.

Merkato (The Big Market)

Point to point contract taxis are a must for some explorations. Be prepared to pay double the local rates if you are a Faranjo (foreigner).

Meskel Square

Political Billboard
Training on the marathon circuit
Chinese Business Interests


My Ethiopian music maestro, Mitiku Tesfaye
Ethio-Jazz band
With the owners of Lucy Gazebo Restaurant

Saint George Cathedral

Evening Skyline

Random Glimpses

Did you know that prostitution is legal in Ethiopia?

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