Addis Ababa: Seat of the African Union


Surrounded by the countries of Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, and South Sudan on the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is the most populous landlocked nation in the world.

Her other-worldly landscapes, ancient history, vibrant ethnic and cultural diversity, and delicious blend of tradition and modernity will surprise, challenge, excite, and transform you. The land of Injera, Tibs, Kitfo, the coffee ceremony, tej, shoulder dancing, and Lucy is guaranteed to delight all of your senses and sensibilities.

Ethiopia is not a destination for the casual tourist. It is for real adventure-lovers… where the unexpected is commonplace… and where patience, persistence, openness, humility, and a sense of humor are richly rewarded.

So, visit your travel doctor, get your vaccines, leave all your first-world expectations at home, prepare for some intestinal distress, and get ready for a host of surprises.

First stop: Addis Ababa, capital city of Ethiopia and seat of the African Union. Security checks metal detector, bag inspection, and frisking are commonplace at most hotels and marketplaces. Let’s score some Ethiopian Birr.

Getting around by minibus is super fun and super cheap. You can take a point to point contract taxi, too, but be prepared to pay double the local rates if you are a Faranjo (foreigner).

Say hello to Lucy and friends at the National Museum, a genuine homecoming, as all of us have African ancestry.

Only $0.72 total for laundry detergent and a liter of water, but a liter of grapefruit juice cost around $4.00.

How do your write Coca Cola in Amharic?

Blackouts are an everyday occurrence that everyone takes in stride.

Let’s go!

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