Ethiopia: Lalibela

Just a short flight North from Addis Ababa over some of the most seemingly inhospitable terrain in the world is the one-of-a-kind-oasis called Lalibela…

While the primary tourist attraction is the complex of ancient churches carved right out of the rock, a few other surprises are the real reasons to visit.

Let’s go!

Asheten Hotel

Welcome to Asheten Hotel…
Only 200 Birr (~$8) per night!

Rock-hewn Churches

Unique Restaurant

Coffee Ceremony

May you be so fortunate to be the guest of honor in an authentic coffee ceremony
Don’t be afraid to help roast and grind the beans
A fellowship of Injera
A fellowship of coffee with delightful young people.
A trip to Lalibela could never be complete without enjoying some spaghetti and saying hello to the delightful Sisco at Unique Restaurant!

Torpido Tej House

Torpido Tej House, perhaps the coolest bar in the whole world!
Famous for its minstrel show and tej (honey wine)
welcomes a fun and friendly mix of locals and adventurous travelers.
Be prepared to be part of the show…
To do some Ethiopian shoulder dancing and to have the most uniquely enjoyable evening of your life!


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