Ethiopia: Cross Country Minibus Ride

Long-haul minibuses are the primary means of transportation between the cities and towns of Ethiopia…

My epic journey by minibus from Addis Ababa to Harar is probably the single most dangerous drive I have ever taken in my life.

How dangerous? Let me recount the ways… Trapped in with twenty other souls in a vehicle designed to carry twelve. Driving way too fast on over potholes with bald tires and squeaky brakes over narrow roads in steep terrain without guard rails. No food. No water. Qat chewers. Swerving to avoid roadblocks made of live animals. And bribing the police along the way… to name but a few.

But oh, what an adventure! Let’s go!

Fleet of typical buses
Typical bus stop along the way.
Paper airplane attack! : )
Checkpoints are common and typically involve some bribery to keep going on bald tires
See the man with the gun?

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