Greece: Athens

The contributions of ancient Greece have been so deeply embedded in our modern culture that it is easy to take for granted the enormity of her influence on Western civilization…

She gave us the philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle… the mathematicians Euclid and Pythagoras… the scientists Hippocrates and Archimedes… the poet Homer… and conquistador Alexander the Great… to name but a few. She gave birth to a pantheon of gods, scores of mythical creatures, and heroes that permeate our language and culture to this day: Atlas, Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Orion, the Sirens, the Cyclops, Sisyphus, Oedipus, Odysseus, Achilles, Medusa. Greece gave us democracy and the Olympic Games… and wondrous contributions in the worlds of cuisine, language, music, art, literature, and architecture.

Today, Greece is an enchanting blend of ancient and modern that with leave you begging for more! First stop: Athens.

Let’s go!

The Acropolis & Parthenon

If these slippery stones could only talk!
Temple of Athena
View from the Acropolis looking North
View from the Acropolis looking East
Acropolis by night

Greek Food & Drink

Perfectly fresh and delicious Greek Salad
Stuffed Grape Leaves


Tzistarakis Mosque, Pigeons
Pedestrian Shopping Area

T-Shirt Shop
Greek Orthodox Church
Well cared for feral cats are everywhere.
Christmas Shop, Newstand
Sweet Doggie at the Metro Station

Athens Graffiti

Athens may be the graffiti capital of the whole world.

Political Graffiti

Random Stuff

Sports bar and sports betting are quite popular
Near the finish line of the Athens Marathon!
Greek Television, six people talking all at once

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