Greece: On the Road

No trip to Hellas (only we English speakers call it Greece) would be complete without seeing everyday life in the beautiful countryside.

Prepare yourself for the almost total absence of road signs, accept that driving rules are merely suggestions, get ready to meet some colorful characters, and don’t be afraid to pitch in with the olive harvest.

Let’s go!

Seek some advice from the oracle at Delphi.
Wild boar
Maria, quite the businesswoman!
Greek meatballs! (notice how everything seems to come with French fries!)
Ancient Mycenean bridge
Well-fed and cared for feral cats are everywhere!
Komboloi (worry beads)
Palamidi Fortress…
Make sure to climb the 1000 stairs…
… and enjoy the view!
The fun, friendly, and generous Zotos brothers at the exquisitely gorgeous and comfortable Pension Marianna.
Starting block at the original Olympic stadium (for real)!
Fun and friendly Theodopolos, who carried the Olympic torch in 1864 and 1968!
Stand on the dot in the center and deliver a monologue at the well-preserved Roman amphitheater in Epidavros. You’ll sound like a million bucks!

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