Hungary: Budapest: Memento Park

statue of lenin

A fitting final resting place for Soviet era statues and propaganda…

Getting There

Budapest’s well-organized and inexpensive public transportation system is tightly integrated with Google Maps and makes Memento Park easy to visit by bus. Search “memento park”, follow the clear directions, and enjoy your visit on your own schedule and at your own pace. Tip: Ninety minutes should be plenty of time to check out both the statues and museum. (Note: A special “tour” bus leaves from Deak Ferenc Ter at 11:15 each day, but why pay a premium, why be constrained their schedule, and why risk the bus running out of empty seats?)

Let’s go!

Stalin’s enormous empty boots
Lenin sporting his famous pose

Don’t Miss the Museum!

The most interesting part is the Soviet spy training film found in the museum–a fascinating and chilling window into the true nature of and insidious tactics employed by totalitarian regimes.


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