Ireland: On the Road

The only efficient and flexible way to discover the real Emerald Isle is by car…

But be advised: While doing so is a lot of fun, it’s not for the absent-minded or faint of heart.

Let’s go!

While driving on the “wrong” side of the road is a bit nerve-wracking at first, you will eventually acclimate and come to really enjoy it.
While a few modern highways connect the big cities at high speed, most of the main roads are quite narrow and slow going.
It will typically take you a lot longer than you think to get where you are going.
Make sure you get the units right!
Keep your wits about you at all times. If you feel the least bit tired, pull over and take a break until you can really concentrate on what you are doing. One moment of inattention could be disastrous.
Many road signs are bilingual (Gaelic and English), while in some areas, known as Gaeltachts, the signs are Gaelic only.
Most roads are extremely narrow, with lots of ups, downs, twists, and turns… and extremely limited visibility. The extents and trajectory of almost every road is defined by impenetrable hedge rows and stone walls that have stood for centuries.
Roughly $6 per gallon
Most of the main roads go straight through town, an invitation to slow down, take a break, and enjoy the local color.
A relaxing short cut between Killimer and Tarbert!
If you ever find yourself near Dingle, driving the scenic Conor Pass is not for the faint of heart, but is quite a thrill.
If you don’t know that “An Daingean” refers to the town of Dingle, you just might go the wrong way!
Single lane bridges are quite common and shoulders in case of emergency are a rarity.
Be advised that the units change if you venture into Ulster (Northern Ireland)

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