Kilmacduagh Monastic Site


Kilmacduagh, literally “church of Duagh’s son”, is a fascinating monastic site which dates back to the establishment of an abbey there in the seventh century. Consisting of several church ruins, a leaning round tower, and cemetery this special place is at once both haunting and serenely beautiful.

One particular treasure is an inscription inside the church that reads: “Pray for the soul of James Mulane and his wife Sarah Laughnane, who made this tomb for them & the reposter 1709”.

The atmosphere at dusk is other-worldly, and seems to summon the memories of all those who have lived and died here since ancient times.

I had the good fortune to discover Kilmacduagh by virtue of a wrong turn taken many years ago… and have been irresistibly drawn to revisit it on five separate occasions since. Alas, photographs do no justice to the thoughts and feelings evoked by one of the most amazing places that you have never heard of, but here we go…

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