Italy: Florence (Firenze)

Welcome to the birthplace of the Renaissance!

Let’s go!

The scale of Brunelleschi’s dome is mind-blowing (Do you see the people?)

Sign of the times: a highly-visible security presence.

David. A photograph does Michelangelo’s masterpiece no justice.
A Michelangelo work in progress
Paying my respects to Galileo’s finger.


  1. Frank, so wonderful to bump into you at the dentist office in Albuquerque this week. I have enjoyed your footprints and look forward to seeing some of the same sites that you have posted from Florence, Sorrento, and Pompeii. We leave in a week. Thanks for sharing your adventures. What a life!
    Ciao – Tammy

    1. Hey there, Tammy! So nice to bump into you too. Thanks a bunch for the kind words and all the best to you in travels and life. You are going to love Italy and I know that Italy is going to love you back! Ciao e buon viaggio!

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