Japan: Tokyo

Welcome to Tokyo, like dozens of enchanting cities in one!

Score some Yen, learn a few Japanese pleasantries, brace yourself for sensory overload, and be ready to fall in love with the Japanese people!

Let’s go!

Japanese Passport Stamps
Japanese Yen

Tokyo Metro System

Recycling Bins

Shibuya Crossing

The world-renown Shibuya Crossing
Shibuya Crossing seen from Starbucks

Shinto Shrine

Japanese Food & Drink

Mushrooms and Noodles
Fun & Friendly bartenders, Rappongi?
Starbucks and friendly welcome message
Udon Noodles
Octopus Fritters

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower and Mount Fuji
Sky Tree

Tsukiji Market

The happiest cat in the world

Robot Restaurant

Tokyo Street Scenes

Fun and friendly Octopus Fritter Ladies
Ladies in Kimonos

Random Stuff

Earth Movement Survey Marker?
Spanish Lessons on Television

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