Meet Frankie

My name is Frank. I was born in the United States of America, but consider myself, first and foremost, to be a citizen of the world…

One of my great pleasures and privileges is world-wide adventure travel, which continues to be an indispensable part of my education and means of expression as a human being.

Making friends with a young Japanese lady atop Mount Fuji.

Travel, done right, is no mere vacation–and no mere escape from the reality of workaday life.

Travel, done right, connects us to the vast and broad reality beyond our comfort zones and narrow cultural norms.

Travel, done right, is a delicious mix of enjoyment, adventure, education, fellowship, and service.

My most precious memories have always involved connecting with and learning from so many wonderful, inspiring people along the way.

Getting my hand crushed by the friendliest and strongest man in Chongqing.

Alas, traveling is not always pleasant.

Besides the run-of the-mill hazards of intestinal distress and tourist scams, we travelers often become witnesses to inconceivable suffering and injustice. The reasons not to visit certain places are the very same reasons we must go.

Sometimes we go to be a witness. Other times we are privileged to do some good where and where we can.

Connecting in Babille, Ethiopia–where life is hard, but the people are beautiful.

Finally, traveling has taught me priceless lessons that I could have learned no other way.

I have been humbled time and time again when travel has exposed my ignorance and weaknesses, but I have also grown in conviction and confidence as I discovered my hidden strengths and talents.

This CREATIVE COMMONS website celebrates the deep enjoyment and transformational power of travel in images and words, sent as a humble prayer for global solidarity and peace.

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