Marrakech: Djemma el-Fna


If I could take you anywhere in the world for only one day, that place, hands down, would be Djemma El-Fna, the enormous and indescribably vibrant, pulsating square in Marrakech, Morocco.

Climb aboard the “Marrakech Express”, the night train from Tangier, learn a few French and Arabic pleasantries, and enter a time warp where the Muslim call to prayer reverberates from the minarets fives times a day.

A visit to the grand square is like going to the circus… a hundred ring circus… with food, dentists, jugglers, storytellers, dancers, musicians, and snake charmers… but with a twist: You are not merely at the circus; You are in the circus! Let’s go!

Note: See the last image below for a stark reminder that we live in divided and dangerous world. This terrorist attack of the Argana Cafe happened two weeks after I left.

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