Morocco: Tangier

tangier souk olives

Welcome to Tangier, a multi-sensory feast that will leave you begging for more…

A one-hour ferry ride across the Strait of Gibraltar will transport you to another universe…

Roam the tangled alleyways, expect sincere and curious smiles wherever you go, but brace yourself for the assertive-aggressive merchants who relentlessly attempt to charm you out of your money.

Ferry from Tarifa to Tangier

“Hasta la vista!” to Tarifa, Spain
Get you visa on the ferry before arrival in Tangier!
and “Merhaba!” and “Bon Jour!” to Tangier

Score a fistful of Dirham, polish up a few French and Arabic pleasantries, and check all your preconceptions about Africa and Islam at the door.

Hotel Continental

Hotel Continental… built by the inch
Jimmy of Rick Steves fame! (He really did know my area code!)

Tangier Street Scenes

My buddy Hassan… No alcohol here, but plenty of Kif!
Getting stoned and watching National Geographic

The Souk

Saveur du Poisson Restaurant

Dinner with wooden utensils!

Don’t ask.


  1. I want to use a Moroccan skyline photo of yours for the cover of my novel that’s coming out next year. Not a rich guy but happy to give you credit.

    1. Hey there, Ron! First of all, thanks a bunch for visiting my site. Second, I am honored that you found one of my photographs so appealing. Third, yes please do feel free to use the photo for free with the understanding that you give me credit. I look forward to seeing how your project turns out. All the best to you in writing and life… and please do stay in touch. Peace.

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