Cusco: Gateway to the Peruvian Andes!


Welcome to Cusco, a vibrant hybrid of Spanish and Quechua culture nestled in a semi-arid valley two miles high in the Peruvian Andes… where lively, community-minded fiestas mix with alpacas, burros, and friendly feral dogs… where manual labor is still how things get built and old-school Volkswagen Beetles are surprisingly quite popular.

Sample the local cuisine: Lomo Saltado, Solterito, coca tea, and cuy (if you dare). Wander the streets and notice that churches of the conquistadors built atop the ruins of ancient native temples. (All seems to be forgiven now).

Then cap the cap off your day of explorations with a pisco sour: “¡Arriba, abajo, a centro, adentro!”

So, score a fistful of dinero (Peruvian Soles), don’t drink the water.

Vamanos! (Let’s go!)…

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