Poland: Warsaw

An inviting gem resurrected from the grip of both Nazi and Soviet domination…

… rich with history, culture, delicious food, and friendly locals.

Let’s go!


Warsaw Metro System

Typical Apartment Building

Staircase (no Elevator!)
View of Courtyard

Polish Food & Drink

Steak Tartar
Beer & Pierogies
Restaurant cellar
Hidden Bistro

Jewish Ghetto Remnants

Jewish Ghetto Wall Marker

Warsaw Street Scenes

Horse & carriage coming
Horse & carriage going
Copernicus Statue

Marie Curie


Pope John Paul II, a national hero
Catholic nuns in church
Palace of Culture and Congress Hall
Hard Rock Guitar, like giving the finger to old Soviet building!
Kids feeding the birds
Shopping Mall
Modern Architecture
Television Weatherman


Chopin’s Piano!
Frederic Chopin’s Heart (His Body is in Pere Lachaise, Paris)
Wistawa Improvising
Frank and Wistawa

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