Russia: Moscow

Welcome to Moscow–one of the most beautiful cites in all the world…

… where everything, it seems–the architecture, monuments, metro system, and even the cemeteries–is an exquisite work of art… and quintessentially Russian.

Score some Rubles and wander around as you slowly decode the Cyrillic alphabet… and prepare yourself for a host of surprises that will challenge all your preconceptions about what makes Russia and (at least some of) her people tick. Let’s go!

Moscow Metro

[Bilingual] Moscow Metro map
Moscow Metro, going up
Moscow metro lucky dog
Moscow Metro Lucky Dog

The Kremlin

Classic View of the Kremlin
Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square
GUM Exterior, Red Square
GUM Interior

Food & Drink

Borsch (Borscht)
Stroganoff and Wine
Crepes and Coffee

Novodevichy Convent

Novodevichy Cemetery

Street Scenes

Free hugs!
FSB Headquarters?
Break dancers
Russian Flag Day
Busking is (was) quite popular in 2015
Wedding, Locks of Love

Random Stuff

Interesting Architecture
Adult Vices Sculpture
Moscow University
Victory Park: Monument to the Great Patriotic War (WWII)
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Holocaust Memorial

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