Gibraltar: Views from a Natural Fortress


“The rock” is taller, steeper, and more massive than I expected, topping out at 1400 feet elevation. Although it is geographically attached to Spain, Gibraltar is eminently British as union jack is flying everywhere.

Look North into Spain and South across the Strait of Gibraltar to see the other pillar of Hercules in Morocco.

Heads up: If you climb the rock, you will meet the Barbary macaques, whose manner and body language make it quite clear that you are in their house. They wait patiently for tourists to drop their guard and are quick to snatch anything that might be edible. Be careful with food or any kind of packaging that merely suggests the presence of something fun to eat…

And hang onto your hat on the summit!

An interesting side note: I just happened to visit Gibraltar days before the royal wedding and noticed that the locals were not shy to express their allegiance to the British Empire and their affection for the royal family, as you can see below.

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