Visions of Spain

Photo Essays of Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Monserrat, Segovia, Granada, Cordoba, Gibraltar, San Sebastian, Guernica, Bilbao, and more…

Vamanos! (Let’s go!)


Barcelona Metro
Las Ramblas
Casa Mila
La Boqueria
The more reasonably priced hotels have old world charm and no elevators.
And some of the facilities can be quite “cozy”, as seen in this shared aseo.
La Sagrada Familia… by far, the most beautiful, audacious, jaw-dropping piece of architecture I have ever seen. So much so that it alone is enough to justify a trip to Barcelona!

Dali Museum, Figueres

Mae West in 3-D, Dali Museum


Montserrat Monastery
Montserrat Monastery Chapel


Finding your hotel is easy once you realize that the signs are little more than a small plaque in the doorway.
Greenpeace Ladies
Evening Paseo
Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor Entertainer
Plaza Sol Demonstration
Guitarist, Retiro Park
Football, Retiro Park
Big Chief, Plaza Sol
Policia, Plaza Sol
Roller Skaters, Plaza Sol
Street Entertainer, Plaza Sol
Tapas, El Abuelo
Patatas Bravas
Turkish Football fans, Plaza Sol

Atocha Station Memorial

Located at Atocha station in Madrid, commemorating 191(2) victims of the 11 March 2004 train bombings.

Atocha Bombing Memorial
No fear, no revenge, just peace.


The fairy tale castle (alcazar) is second to none.
Alcazar Interior
The ancient Roman aqueduct alone makes Segovia worth a visit.

Toledo Alcazar

Valley of the Fallen

Valley of the Fallen is a very strange place indeed. It does not seem to know what it is dedicated to.  Is it the tomb of Dictator Francisco Franco or a memorial to all the victims of the Spanish Civil War?

It seems that it cannot be both.  As such the monument remains a subject of intense controversy.

Controversy aside, the site is an impressive engineering and architecture project (the cross is 500 feet tall)

Ensalada Mixta


Jewish Quarter, Cordoba
La Mezquita Exterior
La Mezquita Interior
Maimoides Monument
Olive Groves


Granada is absolutely dripping wet with Moorish influence. The exquisitely beautiful Alhambra is the main draw here, but don’t miss

Alhambra Tree
The crypt of Isabella and Ferdinand of Christopher Columbus and Spanish Inquisition “fame”


Nerja Caves
The mixed salads throughout Spain are absolutely fresh and delicious!
Young Communists



Gypsy ladies ready to “charm” unsuspecting tourists
Futbol is a religion

Gibraltar (geographically part of Spain)

“The rock” is taller, steeper, and more massive than I expected, topping out at 1400 feet elevation. Geographically part of the Iberian Peninsula, but politically eminently British.

Looking North across the airport runway into Andalucia
Heads up: If you climb the rock, you will meet the Barbary macaques, whose manner and body language make it quite clear that you are in their house. Don’t dare to bring food along. They will snatch it. And don’t even carry anything that merely suggests you have something fun to eat or you WILL lose it.


The Guggenheim Museum alone make Bilbao worth one night’s stay.

Guggenheim Museum

Gernika (Guernica)

Gernika (Guernica), bombed by the Nazis at Franco’s request, is the namesake of Picasso’s world-famous anti-war piece.

The original oak tree, enshrined for posterity near the assembly house.
Basque separatist sentiments remain strong and are quite visible…
Replica of Picasso’s anti awr masterpiece
The famous stained-glass ceiling. (The oak tree symbolizes Basque pride and freedom).


Lekeitio is an authentic fishing village on the North coast of Spain.
My guardian angel, who graciously directed me to my hostel when she noticed how lost I looked.
Good Friday Procession
Friendly gentlemen enjoying life
Highly visible reminder that this is Basque country.

San Sebastian (Donastia)

Picturesque San Sebastián (Donastia in Euskara) is in the heart of Basque country…

La Playa de la Concha, a unique crescent of sand that seamlessly connects the city with the sea
Perro Caliente y Cervesa
where ETA separatist sentiments are quite visible.

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