Turkey: Istanbul

Straddling two continents at the intersection of the Silk Road and Bosphorus Straight, Istanbul is the grandest crossroad in the world…

… a delicious blend of Roman and Ottoman, East and West, traditional and modern, religious and secular. So, score a fistful of Turkish Lira and immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of this enchanting metropolis.

Let’s go!

Turkish Passport Stamps
Turkish Lira
But don’t drink the water!
Filming a TV show
Blue Mosque Interior
Turkish breakfast is not for those in a hurry!
Basilica Cistern
Column of Constantine
A fresh fish sandwich from a tipsy fishing boat is not to be missed!
Galata Bridge Fish
Galata Bridge Fishermen
Galat Tower and Galata Bridge at night
Galata Tower
View of Old City from Galata Tower
Fresh Fruit Merchant Cart
Motorcycle and Interesting Pictures

Grand Bazaar

Hagia Sofia

Cemberlitas Hamam

After dinner, take a steam, scrub, and massage in an Ottoman-era Turkish Bath (Hamam)
Elgin, my skilled and friendly barber!
Music Store Window

Istikial Street Scenes

Stroll the cosmopolitan, pedestrian-friendly Istikial.

Turkish Food & Drink

Eating in Istanbul is always a special occasion.
The cozy restaurants in the narrow lanes in the old city are unique in all the world.
Baklava, all you want!

Kadıköy (on the Asian side)

The Asia side of the city is not to be missed.
Ferry across the Bosphorus and be delighted by cosmopolitan Kadikoy.
It’s impossible to witness the finish line at a marathon and not be filled with hope for world peace!
Relax to live music at a shisha bar and be prepared to meet new friends
Muslim cemetery
Early stage of the run-up-the-meter- taxi scam!
Late stage of the run-up-the-meter- taxi scam!
The dignified kinetic energy of the whirling dervishes is mesmerizing!

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