Visions of Alaska

Welcome to Alaska, a vast wilderness of mountains, forests, tundra, water, and ice…

… fit only for heartiest and most resourceful souls… where big nature makes being a good neighbor a matter of life and death. Prepare to meet some colorful characters and see how native culture competes for survival with fortune hunters and the trappings of modernity. Let’s go!


Dolly’s House

Alaska State Ferry

Roger Lusby entertaining the kiddos



Soapy Smith

Flight from Skagway to Juneau

Hitching a ride with the mailman and his neighbor

Childs Glacier

Young grizzly bear
Grizzly bear tracks
Cordova harbor
“Million Dollar Bridge”, shifted by earthquake
Whittier tunnel

Eklutna Burial Grounds


Train from Anchorage to Denali
Talkeetna Airport

Denali Flightseeing

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