Nepal: Kathmandu

Welcome to Kathmandu, a vibrant mix of Hindu and Buddhist humanity nestled in a high-altitude valley in the center of Nepal and gateway to the Himalayas…

So, score a fistful of Rupees and prepare for sensory overload in a dusty maze of temples, prayer flags, mandalas, persistent touts, and more smiles than you can count.


Aerial View of Kathmandu

Aerial View of Kathmandu

Nepalese Visa

Nepalese Rupees

Dollars to Rupees: I wanted to have small Nepali bills for the Everest trek, but did not realize it would cause me to empty the hotel safe and miss breakfast before catching the bus to Kathmandu airport.

Boudhanath Temple

Bird Temple

Monkey Temple

Kathmandu Street Scenes

My “Tour Guides”
Exquisite Mandala
Rupees Accepted!

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